PrinterPrezz and Uniformity Labs Enter into Relationship to Reduce the Manufacturing Cost of Advanced Medical Devices

PrinterPrezz will manufacture medical devices with Uniformity Labs ultra-low porosity powders for clearance through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory process

January 18, 2022

PrinterPrezz and Uniformity Labs Enter into Relationship to Reduce the Manufacturing Cost of Advanced Medical Devices-min

PrinterPrezz, Inc. and Uniformity Labs today announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to utilize Uniformity’s technology in laser powder bed fusion and binder jetting for medical device applications.

The first joint effort will be to qualify the Uniformity Labs ultra-low porosity Ti64 titanium powder at PrinterPrezz’s innovation center to produce implantable medical devices, beginning with the spine implants manufactured on 3D Systems ProX DMP printers. Utilizing the ultra-low porosity powder will reduce print time and lower the cost to manufacture these devices. Together the companies will seek to qualify spine implants through the FDA regulatory approval process.

“We aim to leverage the qualification of Uniformity Lab’s metal powders to accelerate new product introduction and reduce device costs for patients around the globe.” said Shri Shetty, CEO PrinterPrezz. “Uniformity’s powders have a history of exhibiting superior mechanical properties and higher machine productivity, which will help us continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the medical device industry. Our executive teams have collaborated closely over the last few years and recognized the considerable synergy. We are excited to leverage this partnership to reduce device costs and expand the reach of our medical platform.”

“This is a tremendous market opportunity and the perfect application for our ultra-low porosity titanium powder,” said Uniformity founder and CEO Adam Hopkins. “We have an excellent working relationship with PrinterPrezz and are excited by the prospect of combining our novel technology with their life-changing innovation platform. Other industries have already adopted our printing processes to significantly enhance the 3D printing value proposition and we look forward to having the same impact in the medical segment through this partnership.”

Uniformity founding advisor and Vice President of Business Development, Geoffrey Doyle, serves as an Advisor to the PrinterPrezz executive team and Board of Directors. He has been in this role since the company was founded in 2018.

About Uniformity Labs

Uniformity Labs develops breakthrough material and software solutions to accelerate and expand global commercial/industrial 3D printing (AM) markets. Its patented technology uniquely enables groundbreaking improvements in throughput and reductions in residual stress across materials and platforms in laser powder bed fusion printing. In Binder Jetting, Uniformity powders deliver fully dense parts with minimal sintering shrink, resulting in the ability to manufacture to otherwise unobtainable high precision, material mechanical properties, and part surface roughness. Uniformity’s feedstock materials and print processes dramatically impact the AM value chain by increasing the reliability and efficiency of printing.

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About PrinterPrezz

PrinterPrezz’s mission is to bring more ideas for innovative medical devices to market faster, connecting medicine and manufacturing to become the first Medifacturing™ company in the world. By developing advanced medical devices using processes that combine expertise in 3D printing, orthopaedics, semiconductor and nanotechnologies, PrinterPrezz’s ultimate goal is to provide medical solutions that enable people to enjoy active lives longer. PrinterPrezz’s ecosystem aims to solve challenges for various parts of the medical innovation value chain by providing prototyping, development, and manufacturing services to create life-enhancing medical devices. Committed to ongoing compliance with ISO13485:2016 and all relevant regulatory requirements, PrinterPrezz provides customers with access to a variety of 3D printing machines, 3D manipulation software, and 3D scanners as well as advanced manufacturing processes, and surgeon education programs. Medical solutions created by PrinterPrezz are designed to enable more people to live happier and more gratifying lives. 

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