What we do

Uniformity Labs produces engineered powders and materials that helps customers realize substantial quality and efficiency improvements in additive and conventional manufacturing at scale using its ground-breaking, high-density metal powders and advanced manufacturing processes expertise.


Uniformity powders and processes enable faster production of repeatable parts at higher density with no compromise in quality across all mainstream AM printers in binder jetting and laser powder bed fusion. Redefining what’s possible for manufacturing.

Why we matter

Our technology dramatically impacts the AM value chain by increasing the reliability and efficiency of printing across a wide range of metal alloys, with no compromise to part properties.

It also enables printing of large parts that require high density and low shrinkage of printing with difficult materials or large parts that require high density and low shrinkage.

why we matter


Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Our UniFuse™ powders and processes enable:

binder Jetting

Our UniJet™ powders and processes enable:

Metal Injection Molding

Our UniMold™ powders enable:


Additive Manufacturing has been rapidly developing over the last decade. It shows great potential in reducing the need for energy-and resource-intensive manufacturing processes, which in turn reduces the amount of material required in the supply chain and enables more environmentally friendly practices.

Uniformity’s technology allows for greater production efficiency –significantly reducing power usage and material wastage to help customers produce greener, more sustainable parts.

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